Come on in and look around. This is where we are going to share some of the outdoor experiences we have been blessed with over the past few decades. We have spent much of the last 50 or so years, fishing hunting, and competing in outdoor sports. We spent many of the past 30 years fishing, and running Fishing Charters on Lake Erie much of the fishing season. We have spent most of that free time, either hunting or fishing, depending on the season. We also took time when possible, competing in the shooting sports, Bench Rest, Handgun Silhouette, and Rimfire target shooting. Those are the experiences we want to bring to you and try and make your outdoor experiences more successful!!

To everyone who has supported us over the years:
  We want to make sure all our old customers (friends) realize since we stopped running the  Charter fishing service, and are no longer at the Lake, we are still servicing reels and offering our tackle as always. It is just after taking the pounding of Lake Erie, with 11 busted vertebrae in my back for the last 20 years, it became impossible to run everyday, so not to let customers down, it was time to take my health into consideration and step down.  Of course we will miss the big water and the many friends we have acquired over the years, but we will still be hear for you.

Hicksville, Ohio 43526-1009

Me and My wife enjoying our home away!

A nice catch of Yellow Perch from a great morning on Lake Erie. One of many from our nearly 30 years of fishing the Great Lake.

SERVICES AND PRODUCTS:  As we offer more and more services and products, and continue to grow are sight, we are going to start by offering  products and services, we have offered and proven in the past, with others who have experienced the same stellar results after using them as we have. We have over the years as a guide service developed products that had to work, and the ones that did you will find here. We learned a long time ago, success often relies on little things, and we have taken little things to the enth degree! Now you have access to the best products on the market.

We also have spent many years servicing and upgrading reels, from High Performance Drag Systems, to upgrading bearings and bushings , to give you the finest performing reels that exceed there factory performance levels. We don't just say they will, we Guarantee every service we offer. Even our basic service which includes totally disassembling your reel, inspecting,  cleaning, and lubing with the finest products available, and assure you this basic service will make your factory reel perform better than the day it came out of the box! Yes, Guaranteed! It makes a huge difference using proper lubes for the conditions you fish in, cold, hot, dry humid, freshwater, saltwater, and over the past 40 years we have figured out how to take advantage of the right lubricants for each situation. Our prices are ridiculously low, such as our basic service which runs $15.00, don't buy a new reel when yours can operate better and smoother than new. Give our reel service's a try.    
You will need to stop in frequently to stay updated on our offerings as we will be adding them often. We ask that you be patient, as we are much better at pursing wild game and fish, than we are updating and building web sights!  We will strive to satisfy all who trust us to offer you with the finest products available, most designed by us, and proven by our customers as well as ourselves,  while providing the best customer service possible. After all without you, we would have no reason to be here! 

My wife even joins in the outdoor fun from time to time, with a nice catch of Walleye on a gorgeous spring day on the Maumee River. 
It is always a great day with the grand kids when they have a day like this! These were just their best for the day, several other fish made for an easy day to keep them interested in fishing, and after pictures, they released them so hopefully, their kids can catch em some day!

Scenes on the Big Pond

Freedom is the felling out on Lake Erie, with scenes like this.