Professional  Reel  Service's Available for all reels Plus, we offer Custom Performance Tuning and Custom Rod Building and Repair @ REASONABLE RATES!!

Please contact us before sending us any work, for an authorization # and billing instructions.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION TO THIS MATTER!    All work is GUARANTEED

We have been servicing reels for over 30 years, and in those years we have used many different lubes and techniques for reels used in all conditions from Cold, Hot, freshwater, saltwater, you name it. We believe our years of experience has payed off, and no matter what type of reel you use, or where you use it at, we know the best lubes and servicing techniques to assure you, that your reel will perform better than new and be lubed perfectly for the climate and condition you fish in!

1)  We offer  Basic reel service  (clean lube and inspect)  $15.00 + shipping  If parts are needed, the owner will be notified and a quote given before any further work is completed, if the owner wishes not to service the reel, there is a $5.00 reassembly fee, and the reel is returned as we received it and return shipping is on the owner. 

2)  Repair Service:  Repairs service is offered with free estimates, no work is done until the owner has agreed to the fees for the parts and work required. If no work is done  there is a $5.00 fee, the reel is reassembled as it came in, and the owner pays return shipping!

3)  Performance Tuning We offer a basic Performance Tune on baitcast reels, this includes a basic service plus, Carbontex Drag washers and upgraded ABEC7  Stainless Steel spool bearings, inspection of internal parts and basic polishing where needed, on most bass size reels $50.00. You won't believe it was the same reel. We can also install ABEC7 Ceramic bearings for additional price, whatever the cost of the bearings upgrade is, will quote by reel.  We also offer a Super Performance Tune which is a detailed  tuning that involves  a basic Performance tune plus more detailed fitting and polishing  of all internal parts to eliminate friction. You won't believe any reel can perform like they do after we Super Tune it. Maximum casting distance, with the smoothest Drag performance imaginable, and Super Smooth operation.

We also offer Complete Rod Service: All repairs to rods are done by a professional Custom Rod Builder that has been building custom rods for over 20 years, any repair or alteration request is welcome, and prices will be quoted on a by request condition. Anything from guide replacement, and eye repair, to handle and cosmetic upgrades, as well as complete custom built rod's "YOUR WAY" and as everything else we do or sell, it is 100% Guaranteed!! and made or done in the USA! Bellow is a pair of St. Croix Extreme Rod's that have had Custom handle's built with wearing a pair of our Super Tuned Lew's  Team Reels,,,,,,,,"SWEET" !!